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14 secondary school principals of HKCMS visited HKCT


Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between HKCT and the Association of Hong Kong Chinese Middle Schools (the association), 14 principals from the association visited the HKCT Twin Campus at Ma On Shan yesterday (March 7) for a campus tour and exchange. Students from the Division of Hospitality and Applied Learning (DHAL) specially prepared a sincere and creative lunch with molecular cuisine for the visiting principals, who all praised the service quality of the students and the standard of the food.  


After lunch, the principals toured the campus facilities, including the Mock-up Hotel Room and Cabin, Fitness Room, K Square (Early Childhood Education Centre), Security Operations Centre, Student Centre and etc., to learn about the latest developments of HKCT. Professor Ada LI, Vice President of HKCT, extended her heartfelt thanks to the association for their support and said that HKCT has been dedicated to organising or engaging students in many extracurricular activities such as the Wai Yin Association Anniversary Charity Ball, i-Opening Classes, the HKCT Anti-Scam Ambassador programme and etc. With the hope to collaborate with more stakeholders in the future to provide students with diverse learning experiences and cultivate their holistic development.