Elementary Oral Chinese for Ethnic Minorities

Ethnic Minorities are now growing rapidly in Hong Kong. This course aims to help them blend into the local society by providing them daily conversational Cantonese/ Chinese training. The content will cover basic dialogues for their daily use hoping that they can adapt to the locals and seek for more suitable jobs.

Programme Features

  • Introducing the structures of Chinese sentences and the differences between oral and written Chinese
  • Learning basic dialogues through daily conversational Cantonese / Chinese training
  • Making use of online resource for multi-media learning
  • Introducing Hong Kong local slangs

Featured Modules (6 lessons)

  1. Basics of verbal Chinese
  2. Local Hong Kong lifestyle
  3. Hong Kong daily life
  4. Hong Kong festivals
  5. Introduction to online resource
  6. Hong Kong local slangs
Programme Details
Mode of Study

Part Time (Short Course)

Teaching Mode

Face to face (Classes may need to conducted via online platform depending on epidemic for the sake of students’ safety)

Commencement of Study

To be confirmed

Entry Requirements

Ethnic Minorities Hong Kong Citizens

Tuition Fee


The course is subvented by the Labour and Welfare Bureau, the above amount is the exact tuition fee

You can submit your application through one of the channels below.

Hong Kong College of Technology reserves the right of course content review and changes, cancellation of programme and granting offer without prior notice.