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[{"image":"https:\/\/\/1_Leeds_500x210.jpg","title":"","content":"Since 2010, HKCT and Leeds Beckett University, the renowned British academy, jointly develop various bachelor\u2019s and master\u2019s degree programmes in both full time and part time basis, in which X Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Business Administration and Accounting & Finance are our key programmes. Thanks to the extensive experience of the two institutions, the curricula are endorsed by their respective professional sectors which serve to reinsure the career paths of our students.","uuid":"62dd2c80-88a6-477e-9d31-62872172509e"},{"image":"https:\/\/\/1_Sunderland_471x223.jpg","title":"","content":"The HKCT-University of Sunderland partnership began in 2015 to offer full- and part-time bachelor\u2019s and master\u2019s degree programmes which include Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Graphic Design and Psychology. Graduates can become recognised professionals and give play to their competence in their industries.","uuid":"e4c97691-840d-4f27-a6b7-6cf8c9c3afb9"},{"image":"https:\/\/\/UCLan_logo_digital_2020.png","title":"","content":"For almost 20 years HKCT collaborates with Britain\u2019s leading university, University of Central Lancashire, to offer part-time bachelor\u2019s and master\u2019s degrees, such as our signature Construction Project Management programme, which will lead to membership of respective professional societies for higher achievements for our graduates.","uuid":"bf22df10-179b-41d3-8060-a2384b482809"},{"image":"https:\/\/\/CIOB-Logo.jpg","title":"","content":"HKCT offers programmes on the Higher Diploma in Building Technology, BSc (Hons) Facilities Management, BSc (Hons) Construction Project Management and MSc Construction Project Management, which are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), formerly named as the Builders\u2019 Society.","uuid":"68b3a87f-ef14-4ac0-a100-e7183364ba00"},{"image":"https:\/\/\/Pearson.BTEC.1024x647_500.png","title":"","content":"Pearson, an institution for vocational education and academic assessment in UK, is one of the largest UK certification bodies for academic and vocational qualification. Pearson\u2019s BTEC qualifications are recognized by the universities in 120 countries worldwide. HKCT is one of the Pearson\u2019s BTEC qualifications centres in Hong Kong.","uuid":"c0160084-d6b7-4fb9-9729-c079225d761e"},{"image":"https:\/\/\/wcms_201905_6966A_SCA.Logo1.png","title":"","content":"HKCT is the first higher education institute to be recognised by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to provide a series of professional courses in coffee and award world-recognised certificates for their professional pursual.","uuid":"9e2ab2ce-b3df-48ad-97d4-c0082c6de2aa"}]

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