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Welcome to the brand new 1+3 HKCT websites


Welcome to our new website! We hope that the new websites would bring you a new experience where everyone can quickly and easily get the information needed.


The new websites are designed with the concept of 1 + 3 sites – HKCT main website plus three sub-sites with different programme or course information provisions including the Part Time Study website, the Diploma Yi Jin website and the School of Vocational Training website. With this 1+3 website design, we hope to cater for the needs of students with different focuses, enabling a more direct and efficient information search experience.


Each website has a dedicated interface for different types of users, centralizing the types of courses and related information, and targeting working people from all walks of life, secondary school graduates, and others who would like to pursue further studies. This allows them to obtain desired information, make enquiry and apply to study more easily, enhancing user experiences*. In addition to course information, the main website highlights the networks of the HKCT and its partners, including overseas colleges and secondary schools partners, employers' networks, professional societies and cooperative organizations. The website also contains alumni stories which would let the visitors learn about HKCT from different perspectives.


Finally, we thank you for visiting our new site, we hope you enjoy and find the information you need.


HKCT Main Website:

Part-time and short-term course website:

Website of Diploma Yi Jin:

School of Vocational Training website: (coming soon, stay tuned)


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